Ride as Andy in the Great Cycle Challenge.


It's the last week and both my knees are playing up with all this riding, and I'm also doing the Sydney2Gong at the end of the month. I'm hoping my knee reconstruction doesn't pack it in.

So I need your help. Get a mask and ride for me. Help me bring awareness to kids cancer by helping me achieve my goal.

Ride as me!

  1. Download and print out a mask above (b&w & colour/ kids & adults sizes).
  2. Paste it on some card and cut it out for best results
  3. Staple or tape on supplied straps to the size of your head.
  4. Take a photo
  5. Go for a ride with your friends.
  6. Facey/Insta/Tweet with #saveandysknees with the image & your km's.
  7. Even get your friends to donate to you as me! - Donate link above.
  8. You'll be helping kids with cancer.


3 children die of cancer every week – please donate and support my challenge to fight kids' cancer! Hit the donate link above.

Here's my family as Andy